When it makes sense for the job, we sing while we work.  We don't always sing, it's not the Sound of Music.  We see music more as a tool like a rake or a hoe.  You pick it up to use it only when you need it.  Same with the music.  

In the end the work goes quicker, is more productive, and more fun.  We like it, so we keep doing it.  And if people want to learn we teach them how to do it too.  We teach workshops all over the country on farms and at music camps… how to use music as a tool!  Please get in touch if that's something you're interested in.  BENNETT@WORKSONGS.ORG 

Bennett runs to document and share the experience, and has an ongoing crowd sourced funding campaign over at PATREON which puts worksongs up on Youtube for free for everyone.

In addition to the worksongs, the Duckback Farmers play in several bands, often highlighting the age-old connections between food and music, like barn dances, toasting songs, and farmer's ballads.

Edith & Bennett

Edith and Bennett play old-time fiddle and banjo music, Swedish dance tunes, and sing farmer’s ballads and hollers.  They teach worksongs together in a variety of settings across the country. 

We decided to record a CD as our present to everyone who came to our wedding.  Now we sell it at the merch table and it's on pretty solid rotation on the local radio station.   We're real proud of it and think you'll like it.  Check it out!


The Gawler Sisters 

Fun-loving, folk-singing, fiddle-playing sisters, Molly, Edith, and Elsie, bring beautiful songs and stories from their roots in the heart of Maine. Their extensive collection of tunes in the Scots-Irish, Franco-American and Scandinavian traditions is complemented by angelic three-part-harmony, gutsy worksongs, folk-blues, and amusing odes to everyday life. 

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With an infectious spirit and sparkling musicianship, the trio creates a sense of community and grassroots connection that is welcoming and from the heart.  Bennett joins the sisters to play guitar and banjo and add some bottom end to the mix.

The Sister's first album "Home Again Home Again" brought their family together to highlight the music of the sisters.  It includes John, Ellen, and Bennett backing up several tracks and providing low harmonies, fiddle riffs and guffaws.  


The Gawler Family

John and Ellen Gawler and their daughters Molly, Edith, and Elsie, joined by Edith's husband Bennett, bring you an assortment of old and new sounds from many folk traditions. They accompany interweaving family harmonies with fiddles, banjo, wooden banjo, cello, guitar, ukulele and piano as well as a few surprises.

Whether they are crooning a poignant ballad or delivering a rollicking fiddle tune, their unique arrangements are especially engaging and often go along with anecdotes of historical or humorous content.


The Sylvester Manor Worksongers

Bennett leads a new crew of interns at Sylvester Manor in learning and practicing worksongs each season. 


Free Seedlings

This band has energized crowds across the Northeast with a buoyant mix of bluegrass, old-time and original songs.  As inspiration, they list mountain music and farmer's work chants right alongside bluegrass of all stripes and the genius of Hartford, Dylan, and Lennon.

David Lewis, Jeff Lewis and Bennett Konesni bring a wide range of experiences to the stage, creating a sound that is both rooted in tradition and open to innovation.  

Though not currently active, Free Seedlings can often be had in early summer after after planting season is over

Uncommon Kinship is the story of the band and also the name of the CD.  A classic from the vault!