At Duckback Farm we sing while we work, that's why we say it is "Made with Music".  Generally it's Edith and Bennett who work on the farm... a musical husband/wife duo, and we bring in a bunch of our musical family to help out when it's needed.

The worksongs in the fields are another chapter in a 20-year project Bennett has going that explores how music can boost workplace efficiency, group dynamics and add a sense of joy to the work.  That project has brought him to 10 countries on three continents asking "how do worksongs work?" and is based over at 

Here in Belfast, Maine we grow the highest quality garlic for seed and table.  In addition to selling tried and true varieties like "Music", Creole Red and "Nootka Rose", we will over time develop new breeds of garlic specifically suited to the growing conditions of the northeast.

We also plan on growing culinary herbs and tea, which we will sell at our concerts and workshops.  And we'll explore other products that work well with music, selling them here through our website.  The sales of these products go to support more worksong research and practice, and us as a family.  Thanks for buying what we've grown... you are now co-producer, singing right along with us.